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Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. 
You inspired me to watch Sleepaway Camp. Still good despite already knowing the ending :\

haha that’s good! one of the best ending to a film ever haha more people need to see this movie

5 Slasher films you should watch this Halloween

5. The Burning (1981)

I don’t know if its because i’m a fan of camp slashers or if it’s the fact the one liners in this film are just gold, but I love The Burning. A camp prank goes wrong leaving a janitor horribly disfigured, years later he returns to the camp to seek revenge on those who disfigured him.

4. Reeker (2005)

I put this in here because it’s actually a really good movie and one of the few in the genre with a supernatural twist. On the way to a Rave/party 5 college kids breakdown in the middle of nowhere where everyone disappears, enter power tool wielding gas masked freak and well you get the picture.

3. Black Christmas (1974)


One of the first legit slasher movies which predates Halloween but was never given the credit it deserves which is why it falls by the waste line. A maniac making phone call’s from inside the house terrorizing a sorority house with a voice that makes your skin crawl. Genuinly a brilliant movie. Just don’t rent the remake.

2. Sleepaway camp (1983)

I didn’t want to put a still in from this film because I didn’t want to ruin any moment of it for you. This is one of the best camp slasher flick and is a must see for any horror/b-movie fan. One of the greatest twist i’ve ever seen in a film and literally worth every minute to see if you can predict the ending before it comes.

1. Switchblade Romance (2003)

Not just a good slasher flick but actually a fantastic thriller as well, that is if you can get over the huge risk it takes with the ending. The original French title Haute Tension (High Tension) and you can see why once the film starts. A fantastic film and defiantly worth the watch.

So there we have it :) I wanted to steer clear of the usual generic Halloween slashers and go for films people should really see. I hope this has opened a few eyes to some great movies and I hope you have a fantastic Halloween :)